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As your leading Security Partner from the Northern Rivers, we secure you, no matter who you are or where you are. From Port Macquarie, to Tweed Heads, and right across Australia. Take a look at who we secure and how.


Your local shopping centre should be a safe place to visit. Our security personnel help ensure it’s that way with shopping centre security services. From security risk assessments to regular security patrols of all centre areas, we can help. Keep your shopping centre safe and secure with Herne’s Security.


A building as important as a council building often requires additional security measures. Our Security team provide a range of services helping make council buildings and the local community around them, safe and secure. We can do this with a security watch service, customised CCTV & alarm systems, night patrols, security fencing and more. Find out how Herne’s Security can help secure your council.


Events such as concerts, festivals or cultural events should be fun and enjoyable. But most importantly, they should be safe. Provide yourself and your patrons with peace of mind, security and safety with crowd control services, security personnel and security fencing at your next event.


Secure your bar or restaurant and keep your patrons and staff safe, with our experienced, highly trained, friendly and professional security guards. Our security guards can greet patrons, patrol the establishment and parking lots, monitor CCTV, assist your venue with adhering to regulations and licensing and much more. Keep your bar and restaurant safe and secure, with Herne’s Security, tonight and every night.


From CCTV and alarm system installation & customisation, servicing and upgrades, to night patrols and door checks, our security team are here for you and your business. Don’t let your business be targeted. Instead, let us develop a security solution specific to your business needs. Protect your business, your clients and your staff with Herne’s Security.


Your home is your sanctuary and where you should feel safe. At Herne’s Security, we specialise in residential security for your home and are here to help make sure you and your family feel safe at home. We do this with customised CCTV and alarm systems, access control, monitoring and even security personnel. You deserve to feel safe at home and we’re here to help.


With many years’ security experience in government buildings, our security specialists understand the unique & important security requirements needed. We develop individualised risk management plans for all governments, ensuring the appropriate security services are supplied for your needs. You can trust Herne’s Security to keep your government team safe, and secure.


Security and safety are paramount, particularly in the aged & health care industries. We understand this and are here to help keep your aged care or health care facility, staff, residents, patients and guests safe and secure at all times. Our security staff are professional, presentable, friendly and highly experienced, and will work with you to create an integrated security solution, that’s right for your needs. We’re here to help you and the ones you care for.

Herne's Directors - Levi Loughlin & Josh Herne.



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