Night Patrols & Door Checks

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Additional security, with Night Patrols and Door Checks

Sometimes, you need additional security and peace of mind, our night patrol services offer this and more. Whether you need night patrol and door check services for your business, office, hotel or restaurant, or somewhere else, we have the security team to help. We’re just one phone call away, ready to provide you with the additional security you need, after hours and after dark.

Feel safe and secure with additional security after dark and at your door.

Our night patrol services will help you establish additional layers of security on a permanent or casual basis. With tracking software, transparent updates and reporting, you can rely on our night patrol security team, to keep you safe and secure. At Herne’s Security, we offer a range of night patrol services to meet your security needs, from internal and external checks, including door and window checks, spotlight and drive-by checks, and alarm response. If you have any employees working alone, we’ll make sure they’re safe and sound after hours too.

Feel safe and secure and ensure your staff and customers feel the same too, with additional security after dark.

Herne’s Security are here for you and your security needs.

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