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Whether you need a security guard for your commercial building, bar, restaurant, office, party or special function, we’ll help you feel secure, with a team of security guards you can trust. Our highly experienced and professional security guards will secure you in any industry, from corporate, entertainment, local government, sport, construction, property and retail. Discreet security guards or highly visible ones? It doesn’t matter. We’ll tailor our security services for your needs.

Security guards should not only be qualified, professional, presentable and friendly, they should also be highly skilled, experienced and conscious of protecting, you, your brand, your people, your patrons and your assets – Herne’s security guards do all this and more.

Herne’s Security Solutions delivers a high-standard of Security Guard, with exceptional focus on:

• Personal Presentation – Neat, presentable and well-groomed staff members in uniform, to highlight and sell your image from the first greeting.

• Communication – Fun, friendly and hospitality-orientated communication that speaks volumes of your business or facilities finer attributes and provides clear information to your patrons.

• Reporting – high-level of report-writing that keeps management, licensing and fellow-staff up-to-date with occurrences during operating-hours.

• Leadership – Effective crisis management, liaising between stakeholders, providing First Aid and relevant advice to your patrons and guests.

• Perception – Educated staff members with intuition stemming from a variety of management experience and capable of forming sound judgement from observations.

Our in-depth training ensures all our security guards are ready to prevent and manage any security incidents, should they occur. All of our male and female security guards are approachable and friendly whilst looking out for you.
Feel secure and enjoy your event, knowing you have security guards you can trust.

Do you want to feel secure with security guards you can trust?
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Hernes Security Solutions help Casino Beef Week deliver a safe and successful festival