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Safely and securely control the crowd at your public event, venue, or private function, with our professional crowd control team. Our highly experienced and professional security personnel and crowd control management experts will help you control your crowd with care, no matter the industry. Whether your crowd is in the industry of corporate, entertainment, local government, sport, construction, property and retail, we can help. You can depend on us to control your crowd with care.

Large gatherings of people have the potential to get out of hand, without professional crowd control and management on the side lines. Our experienced crowd controllers are trained to manage your crowds and step in to control them, if needed. At Herne’s Security, we want everyone to be safe, happy and having a good time, so we’ll do our very best to make sure it remains that way throughout your entire event.

Ultimately, our objective is to employ strong crowd control and security resources combined with WH&S compliance and site safety contingencies to minimise any potential disruption to your event.

Our Security Crowd Management team will:

• Provide a safe and secure environment
• Manage crowd and numbers
• Maintain a professional demeanour throughout your event
• Maintain a level of control adequate to deter or prevent social nuisance
• Maintain the goodwill of your event and liaise with organisers, local authorities and the local community.
• All security guards will have two-way radio communication and will be in contact with Security Control at all times.

We’ll take the time to get to know you, your venue, your event and your team, to ensure our crowd control services cover all your needs and integrate effortlessly.
Relax with peace of mind, knowing your crowd is safe, happy and under control.

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