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Keep your staff safe with Staff Escorts

There’s nothing more important than the safety of your staff. Keep your staff safe and show them how much you care, with staff escort services from expert security personnel. Essential for many, such as businesses within the entertainment industry and larger venues, our staff escort services not only help keep your staff safe, but ensure your business remains compliant and protected too.

You can be sure about staff safety with Herne’s Security.

Whether your business operates late into the night, or your valued staff often work after hours, it’s important to look after them, and keep them safe and secure. At minimal notice, or as part of your regular service, our security patrol vehicles will arrive, meet your staff members at the door, escort them safely to their car and stay until they have left the premises – for optimal peace of mind.

Want to keep your staff safe and secure after dark?

Herne’s Security are here for you, your staff and your security needs.

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