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Stay safe with a bodyguard by your side

If you need close protection or a bodyguard by your side, we can help keep you safe. No matter who you are, or what you do, if you need a regular bodyguard by your side, occasionally, or just for one particular event, we’ll help you stay safe. Our bodyguards are highly experienced, work with VIP clientele, offer services to allow for safe and secure travel, and are available under strict circumstances. You can stay and feel that way, with a bodyguard by your side.

We’re committed to covering you, and will work with you to create a security strategy for your individual needs, ensuring you feel safe and secure. With backgrounds in military, police and private sector security and a high level of training in risk assessment, personal and asset protection and emergency management, our bodyguards are more than equipped to keep you safe and secure at all times. You should be able to enjoy your event or carry out your regular daily activities, whilst feeling safe – this is what our professional team of bodyguards strive to help you achieve, with experience and care.

Our bodyguards are:
• Available under strict circumstances
• Able to operate with 2 extra guards to help high-end individuals move safely through crowds
• All holders of 1B Bodyguard Security Licences
• Available to protect and secure from one site to another
• Experienced in protecting VIP clientele
• Here to ensure you feel safe and secure, wherever you to need to go

Do you want to feel safe with a bodyguard by your side?

Herne’s Security are here for you and your security needs.

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Hernes Security Solutions help Casino Beef Week deliver a safe and successful festival